Choosing a photographer

Choosing a photographer for your wedding is a big decision - you are putting your trust in them to provide quality photographs of the day which you can look back on in years to come. The first consideration is the photographer's style and whether you can say to yourself 'I want my photos to look like that'. You also need to get on well with them. Your photographer will be shadowing you for most of the day and you need to feel relaxed around them and know that they will interact with your family and friends well.

My approach

I always meet my couples to discuss what they would like and hear about their plans for the day. Once we have agreed to go ahead a contract is signed. I encourage my couples to do a pre-wedding shoot in the months before as this allows us to work together so that you don't feel quite so put on the spot on the day of your wedding.

When it comes to your wedding day I aim to capture as much as possible to tell the story of how the day went. I'll capture details you might not have seen and people's real emotion in a candid and non-intrusive manner. I won't be hiding in a corner but will also respect your guests.

Despite my desire to be as candid as possible, there will of course be plenty of opportunity for group shots of the guests in any combination you like.

I also find it worthwhile to put a slot into the timetable just for taking formal photos of the pair of you. This will allow me to take photos fit for framing and putting on your living room wall.